Abang Ashu Academy (3A)

Abang Ashu Academy (3A)

Advanced School of Theology

Mamfe, Cameroon 

We are located in mamfe 

Our projects are location in mamfe , Cameroon 

About Mamfe 

Mamfe is a city in and the capital of Manyu, a division of the Southwest Region in Cameroon. It is 74 km from the border of Nigeria, on the Manyu River. It has a population of 36,500 (2017 estimate).

It is known as a centre for traditional religion (e.g., Obasinjom and Ekpe Society) and traditional medicine. Mamfe used to be known for bad infrastructure within the city limits, especially the roads, but in recent times the roads have been tarred and are currently in good condition. The roads leading in and out of the city have also been tarred e.g., Mamfe - Bamenda, Mamfe - Kumba, Mamfe - Ekok.

The Peace Corps has maintained a presence in the Mamfe area since they entered the country in 1962.

Mamfe has been a frequent battleground in the Anglophone Crisis. The city saw heavy fighting in December 2017, when the Cameroonian Army battled the Ambazonia Defence Forces for control over Mamfe and the surroundings. In May 2020, separatist fighters assassinated the newly-elected mayor, Ashu Priestly Ojong.

Up till now in 2022 there is still serious crises affecting mamfe sub division. 

Abang Ashu Academy is working hard to provide charity services to the idea habitants of mamfe